Free seminar: stress management

Is your boss demanding a lot from you? Does it seem like the workload is endless? Are you not enjoying the spare free time with your family as before? Indigo International wants to support you by giving information in a free seminar how to manage this issue.

Stress can make us perform better, but on the longterm it can also be harmful. But to deal with it is not always so easy: after all we want to be successful in our jobs. We also want to be available to family and friends. We might want to do sports, have time for other activities and thus the list gets longer and our time shorter. Our psychologist Erik Van Kemenade will talk at Indigo International on Wednesday September 27th about stress management. Back in his home country he treated a big number of clients with these issues. He will provide tips & tricks on how to deal with it and how to make you more resilient. There is also room for questions and discussion during the seminar.

Join us, you are more than welcome!

Date & time: Wednesday September 27th 2017, between 6-7 pm
Location: Indigo International, Street 460, No. 28, Phnom Penh
Admission: free (no registration required)

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