Free seminar: Toilet training – Tips to help our kids to become more independent.

Does your child have wet pants or ‘little accidents’ frequently? To use the toilet independently is an important step for children to achieve a higher level of autonomy. Indigo International wants to support families by giving parents information in a free seminar how to manage this issue.

Our occupational therapist Sol Espert Carascosa will talk at Indigo International on Wednesday May 31st about toilet training. Toilet training can be challenging for some children for many reasons. When this happens is important for parents to know how to help their child and how to accompany him/her in the process. Parents, caregivers and school teachers can all play an essential role in this important learning for the child. Sol will explain all you need to know before starting the training and will provide strategies for parents and caregivers.

Join us, you are more than welcome!

Date & time: Wednesday May 31st 2017, between 6-7 pm
Location: Indigo International, Street 460, No. 28, Phnom Penh
Admission: free (no registration required)

Facebook-event: click here to attend.



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