We regularly run groups on the following topics. Meeting as a group can be helpful as you can learn from the experiences of other families and build new friendships with parents facing similar issues.

Get in touch to find out when our next groups are running and join the waiting list.

We also run regular free or low cost seminars of a range of topics relating to children’s development and emotional wellbeing throughout the year. Follow us on Facebook or contact the office for details of what is coming up.

Positive Parenting

These groups are held in the community, usually in a side room at a local café, so you can enjoy a coffee in a relaxed environment at the same time.
You can attend on your own or as a couple. Groups usually include 3-5 families and run for six weeks. We have morning and evening sessions. You will work with a child psychologist on topics to help you improve your parenting skills using positive behaviour management techniques and nurturing.

Social Skills

Many children struggle with social skills such as getting along with other kids or understanding social rules and customs. One of our speech therapists runs a hands-on program to help your child to develop improved social skills. The group runs at our clinic and lasts for six weeks. Feel free to get in touch for more information.

Stress Management and Relaxation

Stress affects everyone in the modern age, including our children. There are many pressures at school and it can be important to know how to manage them. Our three-week stress management course helps children understand how stress affects them, how to identify the signs, and how to effectively manage it before it gets out of hand.

Nanny training

Our Khmer psychologists lead a six-week training program for nannies which was designed by our director, a UK-trained child psychologist, and is supervised by our lead child psychologist. The course is delivered in Khmer to ensure maximum comprehension between trainer and nanny.

The course includes an understanding of child development, behaviour management principles, and techniques to deal with specific issues such as toilet training or feeding, depending upon the needs of the group.