Many children with developmental or learning problems have multiple difficulties so it is
important to have a team of professionals involved to fully understand and support the
child’s difficulties.

At Indigo, we offer am individually-tailored team assessment to provide this comprehensive
assessment and design a treatment plan supporting all aspects of your child’s needs. This
will involve;
– an initial assessment with our lead child psychologist to determine the most helpful way to
conduct the assessment
– the psychologist will then recommend the appointments you need to complete the
assessment which may include some or all of the following
– cognitive assessment
– psychoemotional assessment
– speech and language therapy assessment
– occupational therapy assessment
– physiotherapy assessment
– school visit
– Once you have completed the appointments you feel will be helpful the team will
produce a single report containing the results of all assessments and the
recommendations for supporting your child
– This will be discussed in a feedback appointment with our lead psychologist who will
discuss any diagnoses or formulations, as well as how to implement the