Upcoming Events at Indigo International

Parenting Groups

Parenting can be tough, particularly if you’re away from family and other support, or your child has different needs. Indigo offer evidence based interventions to help parents to manage their children positively, both their behaviour and emotional development, and to feel more effective and confident. Parenting groups offer the support of a specialist as well as learning and gaining support from other parents.

Nanny Training

More nanny training will begin soon. The six week course offer nannies the chance to learn about child development, play, and positive behaviour management. It now includes basic risk management at the request of the nannies and their employers. We also offer specialist training for nannies working with children with special needs. Training is developed and supervised by a UK clinical psychologist and delivered by our Cambodian psychologist in Khmer.

Social Skills Program

At the request of several families, we are currently developing a program for children and young people.

Mindfulness Groups

Towards the end of the year we will be starting groups training in mindfulness, a technique for dealing with stress based on Buddhist principles.
Please contact us for details of dates and availability.

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